MH17 plane crash fund: Sunderland fans express pride on Twitter and Facebook

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Sunderland fans have taken to social media to tell of their pride at how the city has responded to the MH17 plane tragedy.

 Writing on the Sunderland Echo’s Facebook site, Samantha Hunter said: “This is lovely, especially knowing how much Sunderland and Newcastle hate each other. Well done Sunderland!!!”

 Donna Wiffin said: “Just goes to show Sunderland people do have hearts even though they are Newcastle fans. Thoughts go out to the families. RIP.”

 James Nakason Huang said: “EXCELLENT ... let love come between Sunderland and Newcastle...”

 Jill Graham-Callaghan said: “Now THAT is sportsmanship....awesome.”

 Heather Dobson wrote: “What a wonderful thing Sunderland doing this. At the end of the day footie is all banter between two teams. Sadly this is totally different two lives have sadly been taken, so please show your support towards the family who have lost there loved ones.”

 On the Echo’s website Dartonator said: “I Just need to say that I am a Spurs fan and that I am proud of each and every one of those Sunderland fans that have donated money. This is an absolute tragedy and my faith in human kind is restored every time events like this happen.

Bless you all and the victims.”

 Daveo11 wrote: “I know we`re bitter rivals, but when something like this happens were all football fans deep down. RIP. Lads.”

 Fans – and stars from both clubs – also took to twitter.

 Sunderland striker Connor Wickham wrote: “The northeast unites to remember not just the two Newcastle fans but everybody effected by this.”