Metro safety message for schools

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A NEW teaching pack has been launched to encourage children to stay off Tyne & Wear Metro lines during the summer holidays.

The interactive package – which allows youngsters to learn about the dangers of trespassing using a touch screen board – is the first of its kind to be used in the UK railway industry.

Nexus will use the equipment on school visits across the region.

It has video clips of real case studies to encourage empathy and understanding of safety issues.

Nexus youth liaison officer Rebecca Ditchburn said: “The interactive nature of the software will ensure better learning outcomes.

“It keeps pupils much more engaged and they get to take control of the scenarios before them, which spell out the tragic consequences which occur when railway safety is ignored.

“Thankfully, trespass by children on Metro is very low, but with summer holidays approaching we want to get the message across clearly that railway lines are deadly places to play.”