Messy service to welcome new Sunderland vicar

Tracy Reynolds Prepares for a messy situation.
Tracy Reynolds Prepares for a messy situation.
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A VICAR is aiming to make her entrance to a new parish a very messy occasion.

The Reverend Tracy Reynolds will officially become the team vicar for North Wearside on Sunday and she wants her licensing service to be fun for all the congregation.

This type of service is held when a vicar signs the papers to take charge of a new parish.

The Rev Reynolds, who lives in Red House, will celebrate her new post with the Anglican Diocese of Durham, at St Cuthbert’s Church, Red House, with a “messy service”.

The congregation can take part in art activities and explore what it means to be a Christian.

She said: “The idea of a messy service appeals to me. There will be different activities going on and lots of age groups working together.

“We want people to celebrate being a Christian and have some fun along the way.”

The Rev Reynolds, 48, a former lecturer in performing arts at Newcastle College, said: “The purpose of this licensing service is to explore the Idea of God as shepherd who blesses, walks alongside us, who calls us to serve one another sharing and enjoying one another’s creativity.”

The Rev Reynolds said she combines her passion for God and love of performing arts in her career.

In the past she wrote, directed and performed a touring passion play in Durham.

Previously curate at Holy Cross Church in Ryton, Gateshead, she said: “I enjoy being able to be creative in the way the ministry of the word is shared within a congregation.”

She links the creativity of her work with helping people to express themselves.

“I have found myself drawn towards those who are finding themselves in conflict with the school, work, etc.” she said.

“I feel passionate about being able to be alongside people who need someone on the outside who can relate to them, listen well and offer support.”