MEP’s call to end Euro cash waste

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A NORTH East MEP is calling for an end to the European Parliament sessions taking place in two countries.

Fional Hall, leader of the Lib Dem group in the Parliament, says Euro politicians should not have to go between Strasbourg and Brussels.

Ms Hall said the current situation is a “travelling circus” which costs taxpayers millions of pounds a year.

The European Parliament is based in both Strasbourg and Brussels.

MEPs have now voted to back calls for the adoption of a single location, which they say is putting pressure on national governments to push through reform.

Expressing her views on the subject, Ms Hall said: “MEPs have again made it crystal clear that it is time to end this ridiculous travelling circus.

“It beggars belief that, at a time of great austerity, millions of pounds are being wasted by having a Parliament based in two countries.”

She also said: “MEPs have done about as much as we can on this issue – reducing the number of sessions in Strasbourg – but even that is being challenged in the courts.”