Men put football before families, finds survey

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MANY men prefer football to family, according to a new poll.

As Euro 2012 starts today, the survey claimed that 15 per cent of British men said that watching their favourite team win on TV would make them feel more emotional than the birth of their first child.

A further one in 10 admitted to being so passionate about football, they would feel more emotional watching England win the tournament on TV than they did at their own wedding.

Their child’s first day at school was also down the list for some dads, the research for electrical specialist Comet found.

However, it seems that British men’s feelings change with age.

A quarter aged 16 to 24 said that watching their favourite football team was more important to them than having sex or keeping their partner happy, compared to 10 per cent of those over 55.

Some 33 per cent said they would happily do the dishes if it meant they could watch Euro 2012 in peace and quiet.

A quarter of men would be willing to go clothes shopping with their partner in exchange watching the matches without interruption.