Meet the Washington North candidates for the Sunderland local elections

It's polling day tomorrow as voters are asked to put their 'X' in the box at Sunderland's local elections.

Wednesday, 2nd May 2018, 1:25 pm
Updated Wednesday, 2nd May 2018, 1:31 pm
Washington North candidates, clockwise, from top left, Carol Groombridge (Conservative), Carlton West (Liberal Democrat), June Bradley (Green Party), Andrew Cox (For Britain), and Jill Fletcher (Labour).

Here are the candidates for the Washington North ward, explaining why you should vote for them.


I have lived in Washington for 12 years and was born and brought up in Sunderland.

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Washington residents deserve to have their views properly represented.

As a Green councillor I’d ensure that your views are heard and listened to.

For too long the Labour council in Sunderland has been free from credible opposition to hold it to account.

Local needs should be put before party politics.

The Green Party are a real and positive alternative to the current complacency that exists in Sunderland.

A vote for the Green party is a vote for change.


We had a saying once, ‘it’s a free country’.

I never hear it any more, because it’s no longer true.

The will of the majority is routinely ignored, by people who think they know better, ‘for our own good’.

That’s not freedom. The other parties will not change.

They routinely ignore us, go back on election promises and lie to us.

I’m tired of big parties lying to us.

With the ‘For Britain’ movement, I’ll represent local people’s interests.

We’ll scale back immigration, campaign to bring down the EU, protect the NHS and local services, and stand for local people.


It is my privilege to once again to stand as your local Labour Party candidate in the forthcoming council elections.

Having lived in Washington North for more than 26 years, I am well aware of the problems we have at present, given government cuts to the local authority which has had a devastating impact on council services and people.

I intend to continue to fight for the residents of Washington North.

As your Labour candidate I will ensure our ward has a strong voice and if elected, I will strive to deliver the best possible outcome for you and our community.


I have lived in Washington for over 45 years, 32 years of that in Usworth.

A banker by profession, I have been a self-employed business consultant in the healthcare industry for the past 10 years.

Visitors should gain a positive perception of Washington when they enter its boundaries.

Sadly this does not happen as the spine road and main gateway into Washington from Gateshead, Northumberland Way, is a mess.

Overgrown trees hide signage, roundabouts are unkempt and full of weeds and litter-strewn grass verges leave visitors with a poor impression.

Action is needed to create a positive view for potential investors to the area.


I am standing in Washington North ward for the Liberal Democrats.

I have lived in Blackfell, Sulgrave and in Concord for the last 18 years so I feel I know Washington as well as anyone.

My time in the RAF taught me that you can achieve anything through hard work and teamwork.

This is my first time as a candidate.

I have felt compelled to do so, as I feel the people of Washington deserve better.

I therefore want to work with residents to improve our environments and build a better Washington for everyone.

By James Harrison, Local Democracy Reporting Service