Meet the woman who claims to have tamed notorious Sunderland love rat Keith Macdonald

Kim Winter says she has tamed notorious love rat Keith MacDonald. Picture by Tom Yeoman / Red wellies Photography.
Kim Winter says she has tamed notorious love rat Keith MacDonald. Picture by Tom Yeoman / Red wellies Photography.
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Kim Winter says she is the woman who finally tamed serial Sunderland love rat Keith Macdonald - but admits she almost fled into the night when she first realised who he was.

Macdonald is one of Britain’s most notorious womanisers with 16 kids by at least 11 different mothers, over a 15-year spree which will cost the British taxpayer an estimated £2m.

Keith Macdonald

Keith Macdonald

But amazingly Kim, 27, believes she has tamed the feckless 30-year-old, who in the past has boasted of bedding women simply by striking up conversations at bus stops.

He refuses to wear condoms and has convictions for assaulting two of the women he has children by - one of them in a violent row over a cheese toastie.

Macdonald has never managed to hold down a full-time job and has fathered two of his children on the top of double decker buses.

But Kim insists that in the past year she has changed him beyond recognition from a bed-hopping baby-making machine into a romantic Romeo who only has eyes for her.

She revealed how Keith wooed her after first befriending her mother Denise in a bar, told her he loved her within days of meeting and dropped down on one knee in front of crowds of tourists to ask for her hand in marriage.

Kim said: “Keith is a changed man, he’s loving, sweet and romantic and I truly believe that we’ll be together for the rest of our lives. His days as the Sunderland Shagger are well and truly over.”

The couple met just over a year ago when Keith struck up a conversation with Denise in a Wetherspoons bar in Durham city centre.

“He started talking to my mum and they were getting on really well, but I was at home tidying the house and being sensible,” Kim revealed. “My mum rang from his phone for a chat from the pub and she handed me over to him.

“He was so easy to talk to and although we chatted for only a couple of minutes I felt as though I knew him and I was really pleased when he texted me again the following day.

“I had just broken up from a six year relationship and my confidence in myself and in men in general was really low but one conversation with Keith changed all that.

“We chatted on the phone for a week before he finally asked to meet me and suggested we meet at the same bar where he’d met my mum. I looked him up on Facebook and thought “he’s a bit of alright.” I didn’t recognise him at all.”

According to Kim, Macdonald made no attempt to hide his notorious past and confessed all when they met.

She added: “He never tried to hide anything from me, when we first sat down and started talking he told me that he had a bad reputation but that I should take no notice.

“I had no idea what he was talking about so he got out his phone and started showing me all the stories that had been written about him and my eyes fixed on the headline calling him the Sunderland Shagger.

“I was horrified and my first thought was to get up and run straight out of the bar and never come back. But there was just something about him that I couldn’t help falling for and for some reason I decided to stay.

“I expected him to try to drag me into bed that night but he was the perfect gentleman and didn’t even move in for a kiss. We just talked all night and then said goodbye before riding off on separate buses.

“As I went back home my mind was whirring, I couldn’t believe the nice gentle guy I’d spent the evening with was this sex maniac with kids all over the North East.

“I decided that I would give him the benefit of the doubt and make my own mind up about him.”

Kim says her friends and family warned her away from him and strangers would even come up in bars and warn her that Macdonald was “bad news.”

The relationship led to a fall-out with Denise, even though it was her who had introduced them, because she felt her daughter had fallen for her new man too quickly after her break-up with her ex.

Kim, of Willington, County Durham, said: “Mum warned me about him and couldn’t seem to accept that I was happy and my friends have also told me that I will get hurt.

“But all the time that people were warning me about him I felt myself falling for Keith more than ever.

“We’d only been seeing each other for about a month when he turned to me as we sat watching TV and said: “I’m falling in love with you.” It was a shock to hear him say it so soon but I was delighted because I felt the same.

“Then one day we were walking through Durham on a lovely day about two months after we met.

“Keith told me he had something he needed to do and asked me to walk ahead and he’d catch up. A few minutes later I heard him shout my name and when I looked around he was down on one knee.

“It was a gorgeous day and we were on the Elvet Bridge across the River Wear so it was really busy. People crowded around us as he asked me: “Will you marry me?” and slipped a ring he’d just bought onto my finger.

“There was a big cheer as I said yes and my face was glowing red with embarrassment even though I was thrilled he’d been so romantic.”

But the romance only extended so far, with Macdonald still maintaining his old habits in the bedroom.

Kim said: “We waited for quite some time... it took him a couple of dates before he even kissed me.”

When the pair first went to bed together, it was at her mother’s home.

“I asked whether he had any protection. Keith looked at me and said: “I don’t use condoms.”

The couple now spend every weekend together but during the week he goes back to his mother’s home in Washington.

Kim said: “At first it was a problem because my head was full of jealous thoughts. I thought that because of the way he had acted in the past that he must be seeing other women behind my back.

“But now I’m certain that he’s being faithful to me and I look forward to the weekends more than ever. He’s changed in other ways too, he’s stopped drinking as much as he used to and we like going out on walks together.

“He treats me like a Princess and buys me anything I want, showering me with gifts like perfume and chocolates. He’s even got a part-time job now, helping out at the Pound Shop in Willington.

“People said Keith would never change but he really has and we’re going to be together forever.

“I know he’s done a lot of things wrong in the past but everyone deserves a chance to start all over again and that’s what he’s trying to do.”

Keith said: “I’ve never been as bad as people have made out but I’m really happy with Kim and I feel like my life has totally changed.

“I want to prove myself to be a good man and I’m sure that Kim is the person who can keep me on the straight and narrow.

“I’m 30 now, not a kid any more and I’m ready for something lasting.”