Meet the Sunderland triplets who haven’t missed a single day at school in eight years

Imogen, Michael and Milly Laing
Imogen, Michael and Milly Laing
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Triplets Milly, Imogen and Michael Laing have clocked up a 300 per cent attendance record.

The three will leave Hastings Hill Academy today, having not missed a single day between them since they started in the nursery eight years ago.

Alison with Michael, Imogen and Milley on their first day in reception class in 2010.

Alison with Michael, Imogen and Milley on their first day in reception class in 2010.

Not only have the triplets reached their perfect attendance milestone this year, in March they achieved black belt status in karate.

“We are extremely proud of them,” said mum Alison, 49,of Thorney Close.

“We could not have asked for a better year.”

Alison and husband Michael were at the school yesterday, to see their children’s achievement honoured at the leavers’ assembly.

Alison is a volunteer at the school and will continue in her role when the school return in September.

“I can’t explain my feelings,” she said. “It was very emotional to see them there.

“I will be very sad to see them leave - they are going but I am not.”

Alison was battling breast cancer when the triplets started school and is full of praise for the support she received.

“It is a very good school,” she said.

“The staff are lovely and they helped us so much when I was going through my chemotherapy.”

Headteacher Jane Walton said: “They started here in 2009 and the three of them have not a single day off in all that time,” she said.

“We did not have a single pupil with 100 per cent attendance last year - it must be two or three years since we even had one child.

“Triplets are unique anyway, but to have that achievement is absolutely amazing.”

The three would be a big miss for the school, she added: “They are absolute pillars of the school community.

“They have been a pleasure to have in the school all the way through. They have been hard workers and high achievers throughout their time with us.

“Michael has been head boy this year, which is an example of how well thought-of they are.”