Meet the Sunderland dad behind petition calling for bin collection changes

Keith Pearson has set up a bin collection petition.
Keith Pearson has set up a bin collection petition.
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A Sunderland dad who set up a petition against changes to green bin collections in the city has seen it attract thousands of signatures.

The petition called ‘Sunderland council to keep weekly green bin collections’ was set up by resident Keith Pearson on Wednesday March 8.

Keith Pearson

Keith Pearson

Since it was launched the petition has seen 4,440 people lend their support in the hope the council resume weekly bin collections.

Keith Pearson, 53, from Quarry Street in Sunderland, said: “I set up the petition as I was at first angered by the fact that we are expected to put two weeks worth of rubbish into a bin designed to take one weeks worth.

“The aim was two fold; first to get the council to change its mind and secondly for the people of Sunderland to realise that we shouldn’t just sit back and accept everything that is thrown at us.

“My recycle bin is full after about nine days and they won’t take recycle rubbish in black bags, so it goes in the green bin, I’ve no other option.

Keith Pearson launched a bin collection petition

Keith Pearson launched a bin collection petition

“The council said they want to get people to recycle more, but they won’t increase the recycle bin collections.”

The change to the collection came into force earlier this month which sees green bins collected ion a fortnightly basis.

Before the change homes had their green-coloured everyday waste collected each week, with the blue recycling containers emptied every fortnight.

But the change comes as Sunderland City Council looks to save £750,000 a year on reducing the service.

The changes will bring Sunderland into line with the majority of councils across the country - eight out of 10 - that no longer offer a weekly refuse collection.

Keith said he was pleased with the response to the petition, but admitted that he had hoped for an even greater amount of people to have shown their support.

He added: “Most of the supporters are concerned about smell, rubbish dumping, more litter in the streets and of course the anger at increasing the council tax.

“My green bin will not last two weeks.

“I work 60 plus hours a week as a staff nurse, my wife is in ill health as is one of my sons.

“I have enough on my plate without having to worry about rubbish collections and runs to the tip.”

Portfolio Holder for City Services, Coun Michael Mordey said: “We appreciate that there may be some concerns while households get used to the new collection arrangements and this petition may reflect that. 
“The views and opinions which it expresses, like all petitions presented to the council, will be given due consideration once it is received.”

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