Meet the candidates for Washington and Sunderland West

Top (l-r) Gary Duncan, Dominic Haney. Bottom (l-r) Anthony Murphy, Sharon Hodgson, Bob Dhillon.
Top (l-r) Gary Duncan, Dominic Haney. Bottom (l-r) Anthony Murphy, Sharon Hodgson, Bob Dhillon.
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THE candidates for Washington and Sunderland West explain why you should vote for them:

Aileen Casey


MY life’s experience together with a passion for the democracy enables me to believe I can represent Washington and Sunderland West.

It is vital that we have employment for both the young and old. We lost our fishing industry, shipbuilding and mining industries under the “rule” of the EU. We need to govern ourselves so that we can create jobs and teach the young people some of the skills of their elders.

The North East needs to thrive again and Wearside can play a major part in rebuilding our communities, public services, Towns and Cities.

To do this, you need an MP who works for you not for party interests.

Bob Dhillon


I AM married with three children, I attended a local state school and from there completed qualifications in business and accountancy.

Life in Warwick played a large part in forming my political convictions. The social life of the family was lived largely within the close community of the local congregation, bounded by strong traditions of self-help, charitable work, and personal truthfulness.

I am a keen Rotarian, raising funds for local charities, trustee. I’m an ex-school governor and chairman of Racing Club. Everything I have, my career, success, family, I owe to my country. Every British person deserves the same chance.

Gary Duncan


WHILE the bankers and billionaires get richer, the rest of us are expected to suffer low pay, zero hour contracts and cuts to public services. I’m standing for TUSC because Labour have betrayed us and we desperately need MPs who will put the interests of regular people before banks and corporations. TUSC fights to tax the rich and improve the living standards of the majority, while all the other parties commit to making cuts on behalf of the rich and powerful few.

 Vote Gary Duncan-TUSC for an MP you can trust to fight your corner and generate positive change.

Dominic Haney

(Lib Dem)

BORN and raised in County Durham, Dominic has a strong track record of delivering positive change for local residents.

A capable and effective campaigner, he led a bid by local residents in his hometown to raise over £75,000 to renovate and improve the area.

Dominic is committed to building a fairer society and stronger economy in which everyone has the opportunity to get on in life.

He will work to secure greater powers for the North of England to attract the investment, jobs and economic growth our area needs. He is backing the Lib Dem plan to increase NHS funding by £8bn a year by 2020 and has a particular interest in mental health services.

Sharon Hodgson


THIS election is going to be one of the closest in generations, and it is also going to be one of the most important in deciding the future of our country.

We have seen over the last five years what damage is caused when the interests of working people are ignored and our public services are run into the ground, and this needs to be stopped.

I have had the privilege of representing our area for ten years now, and I know we need a government that will act in the interest of the ordinary people of our area: saving our NHS, investing in our young people, making economic growth benefit the North as well as the South, boosting higher wages and more secure work and building the homes we need.

Anthony Murphy

(Green Party)

ANTHONY Murphy, who was raised in Washington and attended St Aidan’s School in Sunderland before reading law at Balliol College, Oxford and The London School of Economics and Political Science and qualifying as a solicitor, is standing as the Green Party candidate for Washington and Sunderland West.

He is calling for an end to the politics of austerity, the development of renewable technologies, greater public ownership of utilities, banks and businesses and a future based on government not for the interests of the rich, the banks and big business but for the common good.