Meet the St Chad's ward candidates for the Sunderland local elections

Here are the candidates for the St Chad's ward explaining why you should vote for them in the Sunderland Council local elections on May 3.

Tuesday, 1st May 2018, 1:39 pm
Updated Tuesday, 1st May 2018, 1:46 pm
St Chad's ward candidates, clockwise, from top left, William Blackett (Conservative), Gillian Galbraith (Labour Party), Helmut Izaks (Green Party), Margaret Crosby (Liberal Democrat - no picture supplied).


My family have lived in Herrington and Farringdon since the 18th century.

Electing me would send a strong message to Sunderland Council that the people of St Chad’s are not happy about their plans for West Park.

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Litter, graffiti and potholes blight our ward and your Labour councillors have failed to tackle these issues, instead focusing on expensive vanity projects.

Labour have over 85 per cent of council seats in Sunderland, so instead of electing them again vote Conservative as I provide the only realistic chance of defeating Labour and speaking up for the people of St Chad’s.


I’m Margaret Crosby and I’m a carer whose family has lived in East Herrington for over a hundred years.

I am concerned about the council’s plans to build on our green spaces, such as West Park which has been recreational space in my ward for years.

There are many brownfield sites around the city that should be developed instead, leaving our green spaces to provide healthy play areas for children and local sports groups.

It’s a symptom of what’s wrong with the council in this city.

Vote for change. Vote Liberal Democrat. Send the council a message it can’t ignore.


I have worked for the residents St Chad’s ward for the last four years.

I’ve organised litter picks and am committed to saving our green spaces.

I’m actively involved with residents' meetings, voluntary groups and charities in our area.

I have presented petitions to council, including the petition from Save West Park with over 5,000 signatures and successfully worked with residents to reinstate vital bus services in the area.

Uncertain times lie ahead due to this Tory Government’s terrible austerity measures, but if re-elected I will continue working to help people in St Chad’s with the issues important to them.


Sunderland is a wonderful city, but it is often badly served by its council who regularly ignore residents’ wishes.

One of the things that makes St Chad’s a great place to live is its easy access to green spaces which are now under threat by developers.

As a Green councillor, I will not be bound by party whips and will make it a priority to defend the greenbelt.

I will also work to improve local democracy by campaigning to ensure the voices of all councillors are heard, not just those on the executive.

For a better future, vote Green.

By James Harrison, Local Democracy Reporting Service