Meet Boldon youngster Merryn who has starred on the Secret Life of 5 Year Olds

A plucky youngster has entertained millions of people across the country as one of the stars of TV show ‘The Secret Life of 5 Year Olds.’

Wednesday, 30th January 2019, 9:39 am
Updated Wednesday, 30th January 2019, 11:00 am
Merryn Chapman with her dad Keith and mum Rachael Thompson-Chapman. Picture by FRANK REID

Little Merryn Chapman, from Boldon, appeared on the Channel 4 show on Tuesday night, which saw her faced with a series of tasks aimed to see how she would cope with challenges.

The charming youngster was asked who her hero was, with Merryn telling the crowd of children that it was Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Merryn Chapman watching the show in her Sunderland home.Picture by FRANK REID

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Standing in front of the group of five-year-olds, Merryn showed them a card from the politician wishing her a happy birthday.

When asked why she chose him, she said: “Jeremy Corbyn is my hero because he is my best friend and he says happy birthday on my card.

“He gives everything back to the people.

“He shouts at Theresa May, like this - Theresa May its not your business.”

Merryn Chapman watching the show in her Sunderland home.Picture by FRANK REID

The confident youngster also didn’t hold back when asked to dance in front of the other children, impressing them and teachers with her energetic routine.

And when asked what she wanted to do when she grew up, she replied: “a dance teacher.”

During this week’s episode Merryn was also challenged with a group brain teaser to fish a robot out of a tube using materials.

Her group were also tasked with switching on a giant robot, but after a several minutes Merryn grew bored of the task and went off to play.
Each group was given different types of praise for the same tasks to see how they would react.

Merryn’s group were told how intelligent they were, while the other group were praised for their efforts.

When asked how clever she was Merryn said: “100 meters clever.”

Last summer Merryn went to Leeds to audition for the show, after her auntie suggested that she would be an ideal candidate for the programme.

She impressed producers and then a spent a week in London to film the show.

It was not the first time Merryn has had the spotlight shone on her after the youngster’s model looks won her a photo shoot in London, last year.

During her shoot she had her hair and make-up done before going in front of the lens of top fashion and celebrity photographer Lou Denim - who’s work involves shoots for Levi’s, H&M and magazines FHM and Cosmopolitan.

Her dad Keith said: “We’re both really proud of Merryn. When we were told she had been chosen to go on the show, we were over the moon for her.

“She loved her time in front of the camera when she was given the chance to model in London and was so excited when we told her she had been chosen.

“She loved doing the filming and was so proud to show off her birthday card from Jeremy Corbyn.”

The show will next air on Channel 4 on Tuesday, February 5, at 8pm.