Map and compass lessons for the satnav generation

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IF you don’t know where you are or going to, help is at hand.

Durham County Council has a two-day course called Where am I? Where am I going? – a beginner’s guide to map and compass reading.

Participants will learn potentially life-saving map-reading and navigational skills, including what different map symbols mean, how to find and give grid references and how to use a compass.

The course will take place on May 19 and May 20, between 10am and 3pm.

On the first day, the course will be theory-based with some practical activities in Durham.

On day two, people will put their new skills into practice when they head out into the Durham Dales.

Maria Murphy, countryside development officer, said: “Satnav and GPS are great but there is no substitute for being able to read a map. A map will never run out of battery or solar power just when you need it.”

The course costs £25. For details call 372 9100 or email