Manchester United Munich flag which went missing after Sunderland game to be returned ‘safe and sound’

A tweet posted on the Football Awaydays Twitter account.
A tweet posted on the Football Awaydays Twitter account.

A Manchester United flag in tribute to the victims of the Munich air disaster which went missing after the club’s Boxing Day match with Sunderland is to be returned “safe and sound”, according to a fans’ group.

The flag, said to have been taken from Sam Platts pub, in Manchester, pays tribute to the 23 people who lost their lives when a plane carrying the Manchester United squad crashed in February 1958.

Among those who died were eight players, with manager Matt Busby and England star Bobby Charlton among those who survived.

Manchester United fans say the flag was taken, but will now be returned.

The page In Memory of the Munich Air Disaster on Facebook posted: “I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone on this page and everyone who shared the missing Busby Babes tribute flag.

“The people who have the flag have been in contact and the flag will be mailed back safe and sound.”

A picture of two men had been posted on Twitter of two men holding a flag which reads “Champions of Europe since 1958” as part of an alleged prank.

The tweet was captioned: “Sunderland with stolen Manchester United flag yesterday #SAFC #MUFC.”

One of the men is wearing a blue hat with the name of former Sunderland brewery company “Vaux” written on it.

Vaux sponsored SAFC in the 1980s and 90s.

A spokeswoman for Great Manchester Police said the force had not been received any reports of a stolen flag.