Man jailed after slashing teenage drinking partner in doorstep row

Newcastle Crown Court. C/o Google Images.
Newcastle Crown Court. C/o Google Images.

A knifeman who slashed a teenager during a doorstep confrontation has been jailed.

Rhys Wolfe had been drinking with his 15-year-old victim on the afternoon of September 9 last year, but when the youth came to his house later that day an argument started.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the verbal exchange quickly moved on to a physical fight, with both of them "bouncing backwards and forwards", throwing punches.

During the violence, Wolfe, who was armed, used his weapon on his victim and "sliced his arm with the knife".

The court heard the teen victim suffered a five centimeter wound to his shoulder blade that needed seven stitches.

Wolfe, 20, of Torrens Road, Sunderland, admitted unlawful wounding and having an offensive weapon.

Judge Penny Moreland sentenced him to 18 months behind bars.

The judge said: "You were drunk, you were the subject of a community order at the time and you have two previous convictions for assault, some years ago."

The court heard Wolfe, who had a troubled upbringing, has been completing courses while in custody on remand in a bid to find work.

Judge Moreland said Wolfe has the potential to fulfill his hopes of a trouble-free future and told him: ""I urge you to make the most of the opportunities offered to you."

The court heard the knife attack, and the violence leading up to it, was witnessed by Wolfe's sister.

Judge Moreland said: "She describes seeing an argument between her brohter and the victim, arguing first and then fighting.

"She said they were bouncing backwards and forwards.

"The injured party took a swing at him and Rhys had the knife in his hand. They were both bouncing around, going in for punches then dodging them.

"Rhys went to stab him in the stomach. He didn't stab him, he realised what he was going to do and just stopped.

"The injured party went to hit him again but Rhys got there first, Rhys sliced his arm with the knife."

Judge Moreland rejected Wolfe's claims that his victim had come to the door armed, but accepted he was "ready for violent confrontation" when he turned up.