Man deported back to UK tried to murder friend in row over £20

An attack victim was left with the needle from a syringe stuck in the back of his head after his friend tried to murder him during a row over £20.

Thursday, 13th December 2018, 2:01 pm
Updated Friday, 14th December 2018, 7:27 am
Stewart Hagan

Stewart Hagan punched, kicked and stamped on Daniel Robinson then attacked him with a pan, a glass coffee table and a hypodermic syringe then dropped his favourite t-shirt into chip pan oil to ruin it.The 22-year-old told police he tried to kill his friend because he had "overstepped the mark" and "disrespected" him by accusing him of stealing £20 and that he got a "buzz" from seeing his pal cry during the violence.Prosecutor Mark Guiliani told Newcastle Crown Court: "He said when he had been hitting Mr Robinson with the pan he had been trying to kill him. He was told he was lucky he hadn't killed him, to which he replied he couldn't care less, Mr Robinson deserved it."Hagan told police: "Take if from me, I was trying to kill that mo*******ker that night," and said what he had done was "not right in law, but right in principle".Hagan, of James Street South, Murton, who has a personality disorder, pleaded guilty to attempted murder and has been jailed for ten years with a four year extended licence period.Mr Justice Goss QC said Hagan is a "risk" to the public and told him: "The only regret expressed to the police, probation officer and in a letter to the court is that you did not succeed in killing your victim."Prosecutor Mark Guiliani told the court the attack happened at Mr Robinson's home in Edward Terrace, New Brancepeth, County Durham, on September 18.He added: "He was, in his home, viciously attacked by the defendant, who punched him, kicked him, stamped on him, struck him with a pan, a glass coffee table and stabbed him with a hypodermic syringe."It was a sustained attack in an attempt to kill Mr Robinson."Mr Robinson managed to escape from his home to the street but he was chased and caught up by the defendant, who continued the vicious attack."When detained by the police at the scene, the defendant admitted attacking Mr Robinson and in interview said he was trying to kill him."Mr Robinson said the violence erupted after Hagan started to "talk about fighting and became aggressive".Hagan told police Mr Robinson had accused him of stealing £20, which prompted the 20-minute attack.The court heard when the violence spilled out into the street, horrified neighbours heard Hagan repeatedly shouting "I'm going to kill you".When police arrived and took Mr Robinson, who had managed to get back inside the house, to hospital, he was examined and had suffered mostly lacerations and bruising.Mr Guiliani added: "On examination, he had a metallic foreign body, probably a needle, embedded in the right posterior scalp soft tissue."The court heard Hagan had also trashed Mr Robinson's home during the attack.Mr Guiliani said: "There was damage to the television and microwave and his favourite t-shirt had been placed into oil of a chip pan."In a victim statement, Mr Rpbinson said he already suffered from post traumatic stress disorder, which was made worse by the violence that night.Mr Guiliani said: "He couldn't understand whey someone he trusted had done this to him."The court heard Hagan lived in the US until he was jailed for violence and deported back to the UK.

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