Man breached restraining order - after he was invited to abused ex-girlfriend's home

Newcastle Crown Court
Newcastle Crown Court

A man has been jailed after breaching a restraining order twice against an ex-partner by turning up to her house after she invited him round.

John McGuire, 48, had been given a five year restraining order against the woman in November 2011 after subjecting her to domestic abuse and violence.

But on July 3 this year he breached the order by accepting an invitation from her to go to her house.

When he arrived, a neighbour of the woman who knew about the order saw McGuire hanging around her address on Glendale Avenue, Washington and contacted the


Newcastle Crown Court heard that officers attended the address and saw the woman inside the house. When she saw the police she jumped to her feet and ran out of the room.

Michael Bunch prosecuting said: "Officers went to the rear of the property and saw the defendant trying to hide himself inside a settee.

"He surrendered himself to the police when they caught him and accepted being in breach of the order saying that he had been invited to the address by the woman."

McGuire breached the order a second time two months later on September 26, this time uninvited.

She had returned home late at night around 10pm and had left her door unlocked so she could let her dogs out. McGuire then let himself in.

Mr Bunch said: "She had left her front door unlocked to let her dogs out and McGuire walked into the property and sat on a chair in the living room.

"She said he ought to leave but he didn't so she called the police. He still didn't leave despite her requests and when the police arrived he was hiding

upstairs in the spare bedroom.

"When he was interviewed he once again said that he had been invited to the house by the woman, even though he had a restraining order."

Lee Fish defending said: "This is an order which the defendant appreciates he can do nothing about. It is clear that the lady who this order is protecting,

her approach to it is inconsistent.

"The first offence, he was at her address on her invitation and she admits this and was quite hostile to the police when they arrived.

"In reality this is an ongoing relationship and the lady was seriously ill at the beginning of the year. The defendant was looking after her throughout

this time."

He added: "He appreciates that the breach was his fault and he can blame no one but himself."

McGuire pleaded guilty at a previous hearing to breaching a restraining order.

Sentencing McGuire, of Neville Court, Sulgrave to 36 weeks in prison Mr Recorder Stephen Winn said: "Restraining orders are one of the few weapons in

the court's armoury to prevent domestic violence.

"Some previous incidents happened when your ex-partner's children were around to witness it.

"You have admitted that your decision making is severely affected when you are drunk and you breached this order when you were in drink.

"This is worrying as the majority of the domestic violence you committed was when you were drunk."