'˜Make you look better naked' banner from Sunderland fitness group sparks big reader response

Readers have been having their say on a controversial fitness class banner promising to 'make you look better naked' which attracted criticism online.

Thursday, 19th October 2017, 2:41 pm
Updated Monday, 11th December 2017, 11:09 pm
The Skinnypigs advert placed on the Territorial Army Centre building in Tynemouth.

The Skinnypigs exercise class banner was placed on the Territorial Army Centre building in Tynemouth, with a number of people speaking of their anger at it on Twitter.

Some have objected to the banner being placed close to King’s Priory School, which is in the area.

But Skinnypigs owner Jonathan Hair has told the Echo that he is shocked at the reaction, arguing that the idea is “tongue in cheek”.

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Jonathan, of South Hylton in Sunderland, who has been involved in Twitter spats with a number of people since criticism of the advert was first aired, said: “I would’ve understood if any of this was constructive criticism but none of it was.

“The tweets I’ve read say the banner is “disgusting” and shameful”, but the advert is tongue in cheek.

“I’ve helped over 100,000 women with their confidence since I started Skinnypigs seven years ago but I’ve been hounded by a lynch mob it feels like.”

Echo readers left their views on the banner on our Facebook page.

Many people came out in support of Mr Hair, such as Karen Ramshaw, who wrote: “For God’s sake, is this all people have to worry about?

“We all look better naked if we lost a few pounds and this has helped loads of people achieve their goals.”

Catheryn Doyle Burns wrote: “People need to get a grip!

“Nothing better to moan about! Brilliant advertising, well done Skinnypigs!”

Helen Wilson added: “Banter is fine. These adverts are fine. People need to be a little thicker skinned.”

Lindz Adz wrote: “They’ve had the same slogan for the last seven years or so and people decide to be offended now.”

Ash Mclachlan added: “It’s tongue in cheek, and I’m sorry but if anyone is under the illusion their kids don’t see or hear worse than the word “naked” or “pig” at school then they are so wrong about that.”

Some criticised the banner though, saying it was inappropriate.

Dave Harper wrote: “Education is great.

“Not being obese is great because it prevents adverse health conditions.

“What isn’t OK is telling people that shape ‘A’ is correct and that the other alternatives are not.”

Janet Martin wrote: “Even the name of the group is offensive.”