Lucky Lucy back on four paws thanks to Greyhound Rescue North East

ON THE MEND: Greyhound Lucy with owner Sylvia Charlton.
ON THE MEND: Greyhound Lucy with owner Sylvia Charlton.
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A POORLY pooch who faced losing its leg after an accident on a walk has been saved after an animal charity stepped in to pay the bill for specialist treatment.

Rescue greyhound Lucy suffered a horrific injury to her leg two weeks ago when out walking in Fulwell quarry with her owner Sylvia Charlton and three other dogs.

But thanks to South Hylton-based registered charity Greyhound Rescue North East, Lucy is now back on all four paws after having a specially-imported metal plate inserted in her leg.

“She must have run into one of the metal poles,” pensioner Sylvia said. “She broke every bone in the hock of her back leg.”

Panicked Sylvia called the rescue, from which she has been taking in dogs for the last nine years, asking for help.

Charity owners Billiejo Duncan, 27, and her 50-year-old dad Steve stepped in to help, collecting Lucy from Sylvia’s home in Seaburn.

Lucy, who is thought to be about six years old, was treated at Westway Veterinary Group in Newcastle, where Billiejo works as a veterinary nurse.

“They said they would probably have to take the dog’s leg off, it was in such a state,” Sylvia said. “They then sent to Holland to get a metal plate to put in her leg and it worked.”

Lucy is now back home with Sylvia and her pet lurcher and two other greyhounds, where she is now managing to go on short walks of a few minutes each, as she recovers.

“I just want to thank Billiejo and Steve so much,” Sylvia said. “They have been absolutely falling over backwards to help me. They are such good people. They wouldn’t accept any money off me. I can’t put into words how grateful I am.”

Billiejo said: “Sylvia came to us and she was more than happy to give Lucy a home, which we were obviously grateful for.

“When Lucy broke her leg she was frantic as she was of the understanding that Lucy may have to be put to sleep. I had a word with my dad and he okayed for us to pay for Lucy’s treatment and she had a hock plate inserted in her leg. It is not something that we normally do, but Lucy was in such a desperate state, and we don’t like to see any dog put to sleep.”

Greyhound Rescue North East currently has 47 dogs looking for loving homes and relies entirely on donations from the public. It can be contacted on 07926 572869 or 534 7837.