Lottery couple’s £180,000 win

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LOTTERY winners Lynne and John Pittiglio have their lucky stars to thank for a £180,000 win.

Until this week, the Washington couple had played the same numbers every week for almost 20 years, with their biggest win just £64.

John and Lynne Pittiglio of Washington, celebrate their lottery win at the George Washington Hotel on Thursday.

John and Lynne Pittiglio of Washington, celebrate their lottery win at the George Washington Hotel on Thursday.

But now the loving pair are set to for an easier life after matching five numbers and the bonus ball to scoop £181,055.

Last Friday, Lynne, who works as a slimming consultant, was at The Galleries shopping centre as she put on the usual four lines, including the same numbers at a kiosk which she uses each week.

She then read her horoscope in a magazine which said that something she did on a Friday would have a good impact on her weekend.

Thinking nothing of it, the pair went about their weekend business as usual until Sunday morning revealed their good fortune.

“I never watch the draw and I usually only check the numbers on Sunday morning or sometimes Monday,” said John, 57, who is employed at Washington Metalworks.

“I asked one of my grandsons to read out the numbers of the TV screen while I checked them.

“When he was reading them out and they were matching up I couldn’t believe it.

“I started to sweat and that’s when I said to Lynne: “I think we’ve won a bit of money here”.

“We just didn’t know what to do with ourselves at first.” Lynne then rang Camelot who confirmed their win.

Lynne and John were presented with their cheque at George Washington Golf Club, in High Usworth, yesterday.

The win could not have come at a better time for the Pittiglios, who were in the process of remortgaging their home to pay for some much-needed improvements.

A new kitchen, conservatory roof, flooring and furniture are now the priorities for Lynne and John, who also planning on treating son David, 33, and daughters Maria, 29, and Sam, 27.

A new car is also on the shopping list for the newly flushed couple.

“This will take all the financial pressures off us,” added Lynne, 55.

“It’s our 30th wedding anniversary this year and we went to Mexico in June to celebrate, but it rained a bit so we’re going to have a little holiday soon.

“We both want to keep on working, but this will make us and our family comfortable.

“It’s amazing.”

The winning numbers from Saturday’s Lotto draw were 11, 15, 36, 37, 38, 45, with the bonus ball 09.