Lottery couple buy lawnmower after £1.2million win + VIDEO

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THE retired couple who scooped £1.2million on the Lottery said the first thing they bought was a new lawnmower.

Railston and Violet Watkins couldn’t believe it when all six of their numbers were read out live on TV.

SPENDING WISELY ... Railston and Violet Watkins.

SPENDING WISELY ... Railston and Violet Watkins.

The couple, who have been married for 45 years and have lived in Whitburn all their lives, said their win had still not sunk in.

“We were watching it live and our numbers just kept coming up,” said Railston, 68.

“When the last one came out it was just a fantastic feeling.

“I don’t think I can put it into words how it feels.

“The most we had won before was about £100.”

The former plumber added: “We keep the same numbers every week and have done since we first started.

“I first picked them when we were in Morrisons and my wife told me to choose some.

“Numbers 14 and 21 have always been good for me over the years so I put them down.

“The clock said 10:25 so that was the next two, 45 has been good to me and I don’t know where 39 came from.”

They said they wanted to make sure their four children and 10 grandchildren were looked after. After the lawnmower, the next thing on their list to buy was the home they live in.

Violet, 65, who teaches line dancing, said: “We will definitely set our family up and make sure they are all right.

“It feels absolutely great. It has not really sunk in yet. I was jumping all over the place when we won.

“The first thing that jumps into your mind is how you can help your family.

“We were both lying in bed after we had won, but we couldn’t sleep.

“We got up at 4am for a cup of tea and we were both thinking the same thing – how can we help the kids.

“I will still continue to teach line dancing though as I need to keep the weight off.”

Shirley and Sabah Tuaima, who own the Whitburn store where Railston and Violet bought the winning ticket, were also on hand to help the couple celebrate.

Shirley said: “I can’t describe how it feels. I have not stopped shaking since we found out.

“I’m the person who sold them the ticket and we knew at some point it was going to happen.

“We think it’s a win for the whole of Whitburn.”

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