Lost dog found – 120 miles from home

Poppy the miniature Dachshund (right)
Poppy the miniature Dachshund (right)
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A LOST family dog has been found more than 120 miles from home.

Poppy the miniature dachshund vanished from Jenny Peart’s back garden, in the Peat Carr area of Hetton, after being let out for only five minutes.

Jenny Peart, of Borrowdale Street, Hetton, with daughter Sadie

Jenny Peart, of Borrowdale Street, Hetton, with daughter Sadie

The four-year-old black and tan sausage dog is thought to have been taken into the White Lion Veterinary Clinic, South Hetton, about half an hour later.

Jenny, 26, a social worker, believed the dog was stolen and said her family were “devastated”.

“My three-year-old girl Sadie was the worst,” she said.

“She follows Poppy around everywhere.

“We were all upset and worried because she’s so tiny, scared of the dark and cold, and doesn’t go to strangers, so she would have been nervous.”

However, Poppy, who was spotted at the vets with two unidentified women, has now turned up in a rescue shelter for miniature dachshunds in Sheffield.

A woman, who has remained anonymous, saw posters which Jenny had distributed in her bid to find the sausage dog and then contacted her.

“She said the women who had found her and taken her to the vets were her aunts,” said Jenny, who lives with partner David Tucker, 32 and their six children, and Milo, a miniature dachshund bred from the same dog as Poppy.

“She said that they had taken her back to Sheffield with them. Why they put her in a rescue centre there I don’t know, but I’m just pleased we have found her.”

Poppy went missing on Friday, September 27. She was taken to the veterinary clinic at about 6.30pm, but when no chip was found, was taken by the two mystery women.

As the receptionist never took any contact details from the women, they couldn’t be found.

Jenny contacted the police, kennels, appealed for her pet’s return on Facebook and had help in her search from the organisation Dog Lost, based in Houghton.

“I’m so happy we’ve found her,” said Jenny.

“My late father bred Poppy from his dog, and she was one of the last things he gave me, which is one of the reasons I was so upset. The main thing is she’s back now.”