Looking good for 133 – Battersea’s oldest dog rehoused in Durham

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SPRITELY pensioner Blackie is proving there’s life in the old dog yet.

The 19-year-old was the oldest ever rescue dog at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, but has travelled almost 300 miles from London to his new retirement home in Durham City.

Mongrel Blackie, aged 133 in dog years, was handed to the charity in August because his owners could no longer care for him and is one of a growing number of older dogs needing new homes.

He impressed staff with his zest for life.

His profile on Battersea’s Twitter and Facebook pages soon caught the eye of Shirley Buchanan, from Gilesgate, who spoke to staff on the phone and was sure he was the dog for her.

Due to his age, Blackie was escorted from London to Durham by Battersea’s rehoming and welfare team leader Sieglinde Schuster and instantly made friends with Shirley and her two curly-coated retrievers, Hope and Breeze.

Shirley said: “I feel older dogs can get overlooked as people often want young dogs, but the golden oldies have so much to give and I have rehomed older dogs before and found it a rewarding experience.

“When I saw Blackie online I just felt drawn to him.

“He is an absolute joy to be around and I am so pleased he has come to live with us, everyone we meet wants to make a fuss of him, so he is lapping up the attention.”

Shirley said Blackie soon made himself at home.

She said: “The first night he curled up in his bed next to mine, but he now finds the settee and my bed more appealing.

“He can get up on them without a problem, so the only complaint I have is that I now need a bigger settee and bed. Battersea is a long way from Durham but the staff were really helpful and accommodating, going the extra mile for Blackie.”