Look at these great 1970s scenes from the South Hylton Carnival

Don't you just love a day out at the carnival?

Friday, 11th January 2019, 10:39 am
Updated Friday, 11th January 2019, 10:44 am
Tanks for the memories - but who else is in the line-up with Andre Swinney, second left.

The people of South Hylton in Sunderland certainly did in the 1970s and Lynn Wild – who is the Sunderland Echo’s own regional events manager – has got the photographs to prove it.

Here is a series of shots which Lynn thinks come from the 1978 South Hylton Carnival.

Lots of interesting characters on this Vaux dray - but who do you recognise?

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She should know. She was in the fancy dress parade at the time and said: “I was on the Vaux dray with Jenny Galey and we were supposed to be The Good, The Bad and The Ugly except we couldn’t get anyone to be the Ugly.”

The carnival was a big event.

“The whole of the village got together and the parade went from the top of the bank around the village,” said Lynn. “People put a lot of effort into the costumes and it was great to see the village packed.”

The pubs of South Hylton would be full on carnival day and that included the Railway Inn (which was also known as the Top House), The Jolly Potter and South Hylton Workingmen’s Club, said Lynn.

Betty and Bobby Jewitt with their ice cream float.

She added: “Maws pie shop must have also made a fortune on the day.”

Here are four photographs from the carnival.

One shows the Vaux dray with a real variety of costumes on it.

Another shows Betty and Bobby Jewitt with their ‘Stop Me and Buy One’ ice cream van.

Nuns on parade, including Peter Barella on the right.

The Hylton Tank was another favourite and second left in the photo is Andre Swinney, said Lynn.

Finally, we have Peter Barella on the right of our trio of nuns with their motto ‘Nun of this, nun of that, nun of the other’.

We would love your memories of the carnival so why not get in touch and tell us more.

Send your recollections by email to [email protected] and let’s share some really wonderful memories.