Look at documented facts

Richard Beck (January 13) responds to my earlier letter and attacks the factual information I used.

Monday, 13th February 2017, 12:27 pm
Updated Tuesday, 28th February 2017, 11:48 am

Unfortunately his only rebuttals were based on his own political prejudices.

Richard did not use one scrap of data to disprove the issues I covered.

First of all he used a broad criticism on the running of the NHS in response to my specific fact that there are 1,100 more doctors in the NHS in the North East than under Labour.

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This is a fact. He brushes away at a stroke the fact there are 46,000 more children in better schools without a shred of evidence to disprove it.

Not only is he disrespecting the hard-working teaching profession, he is wrong.

Try reading some Ofsted reports on the subject Richard.

He also rubbishes the fact that 38,200 apprenticeships were started in 2015/16.

This is a well-documented fact. Again Richard undermines the young people who are proud and pleased to have a new apprenticeship.

He responds to the fact that employment is up in the North East by 74,000 saying “unemployment has fallen slightly” and by using the old line that the “North East still lags behind the rest of the country in this respect”.

Can Richard demonstrate any time in recent history when this was not the case?

As for people’s finance,s over one million more people have more money to take home each month because this Government has cut income tax.

The typical taxpayer is £905 better off and 56,000 will have been taken out of income tax completely by April 2017.

Compare this with Gordon Brown’s doubling of the tax burden on the low paid when he scrapped the 10p tax band.

Alan Wright,