Local Elections 2016: List of candidates revealed

The full list of candidates hoping to be voted on to SUnderland City Council in this year's Local Government Elections has been announced.

Thursday, 7th April 2016, 5:46 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th April 2016, 5:56 pm
Sunderland Civic Centre

A total of 107 hopefuls will contest seats in 25 wards across Wearside.

Polling Day is Thursday, May 5 and more than 204,000 people are on the city’s electoral register with more than 89,000 opting to vote by post.

Sunderland has a total of 75 councillors. In elections, Sunderland is divided into 25 electoral wards.

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The people in each ward are represented by three city councillors, each elected for a four-year term.

City Council elections are held in ‘thirds’, with one seat for each ward becoming vacant in three out of every four years.

The full list is:

Barnes: Rebecca Atkinson (Labour), Bailey Baker (Liberal Democrat), Peter O’Connor (Conservative), Alan Rinaldi (Independent), Caroline Robinson (Green).

Castle: Grant Shearer (Con), Jack Stoker (Lib Dem), Denny Wilson (Lab).

Copt Hill: Reginald Coulson (UKIP), Pat Francis (Con), Kevin Johnston (Lab), Daniel Olaman (Green).

Doxford: Vincent Costello (UKIP), Rachel Featherstone (Green), Christine Marshall (Lab), Keith O’Brien (Con), Geoff Pryke (Lib Dem).

Fulwell: Robert Francis (Con), Christopher Marshall (UKIP), Peter Murray (Green), Ken Rihardson (Lab), Diana Talbott Matthew (Lib Dem).

Hendon: Syed Ali (Con), Helmut Izaks (Green), Callum Littlemore (Lib Dem), Michael Mordey (Lab).

Hetton: Jim Blackburn (Lab), John Defty (UKIP), Philip Dowell (Lib Dem), David Geddis (Ind), Douglas Middlemiss (Con).

Houghton: George Brown (Con), Anthony Holt (UKIP), Alex Scullion (Lab), Mick Watson (Ind).

Millfield: Gwennyth Gibson (Con), Niall Hodson (Lib Dem), Lucky Pemu (Green), Bob Price (Lab & Co-op).

Pallion: Ian Pallace (UKIP), Alan Robinson (Green), Conor Sutton (Lib Dem), Amy Wilson (Lab), Philip Young (Con).

Redhill: Shaun Cudworth (Con), Ronny Davison (Lab & Co-op), Heather Fagan (North East Party), Edward Robinson (Green), Steve Thomas (Lib Dem).

Ryhope: Paula Hunt (Lab), Andrei Lucaci (Con), Emma Robson (Green), Anthony Usher (Lib Dem).

Sandhill: Bryan Foster (UKIP), Jonathan Hume (Green), Christine Reed (Con), Debra Walker (Lab), Susan Wilson (Lib Dem).

Shiney Row: Richard Elvin (UKIP), Anne Lawson (Lab), Sally Oliver (Con), Polly Robinson (Green), Sean Terry (Lib Dem).

Silksworth: Chris Crozier (Green), Alan Davies (UKIP), Paul Edgeworth (Lib Dem), Bryan Reynolds (Con), Patricia Smith (Lab).

Southwick: Neville Chamberlin (Con), Kelly Chequer (Lab), David Lawson (Green), Stephen O’Brien (Lib Dem), Sandy Taylor (UKIP).

St Anne’s: Tony Morrissey (Con), Susan Watson (Lab & Co-op).

St Chad’s: Richard Bradley (Green), Margaret Crosby (Lib Dem), Darryl Dixon (Lab), Joshua Green (UKIP), Dominic McDonough (Con).

St Michael’s: John Appleton (Green), Zaf Iqbal (Lab & Co-op), Robert Oliver (Con), Andrew Wood (Lib Dem).

St Peter’s: Michal Chantkowski (Green), Julia Jackson (Lab), John Lennox (Lib Dem), Geoffrey Scott (Con).

Washington Central: Anne Griffin (Lib Dem), Grace Hanson-Eden (Con), Dianne Snowdon (Lab & Co-op).

Washington East: Irene Bannister (Lib Dem), Hilary Johnson (Con), Wilf Laws (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition), Anthony Murphy (Green), David Snowdon (Lab & Co-op).

Washington North: June Bradley (Green), Andrew Gray (Con), John Kelly (Lab).

Washington South: Louise Farthing (Lab), David Griffin (Lib Dem), Martin Talbot (Con).

Washington West: Olwyn Bird (Con), Lynn O’Neil (UKIP), Bernie Scaplehorn (Lab), Jo Thomas (Lib Dem), Benjamin Wells (Green).

On the same night, voters will also elect a Northumbria Police and Crime Commisioner.

The candidates are: Vera Baird (Lab), Stewart Hay (Con), Melanie Hurst (UKIP) and Jonathan Wallace (Lib Dem).

Anyone who has not yet registered to vote should contact the council’s Electoral Services team on 0191 520 5550 or register online at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote

The deadline to register to vote for elections in May is Monday, April 18.