Lives at risk on busy Sunderland road

Ray Mowbray wants to encourage drivers to slow down on Premier Road which used to have a speed limit of 40mph but is now 30.
Ray Mowbray wants to encourage drivers to slow down on Premier Road which used to have a speed limit of 40mph but is now 30.
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LIVES are in danger from speeding motorists on a Wearside estate that is split by a busy road, it’s claimed.

Members of Plains Farm and Humbledon Residents’ Association have raised the fears.

They say too many drivers are ignoring the 30mph speed limit on Premier Road.

The limit was cut from 40mph in October 2009.

Residents’ association secretary Ray Mowbray said: “The estate first campaigned about the speed limit about 30 years ago and finally had it put in place, but it doesn’t seem to have made much of a difference.

“The council took down the 40mph signs but didn’t replace them with 30mph ones because the road is now set at that speed limit for a long stretch, but people must not realise.

“The road runs through a built-up area and right next to Plains Farm Primary School, so it’s worrying to think that people are going so quickly along the road.

“Teachers and parents are becoming very worried for their children who cross the road when it is at some of its busiest times.”

A meeting , held at the Plains Farm and Humbledon Community Initiative was attended by residents, councillors, Northumbria Police and housing officials.

Ray, 56, of Hall Farm, added: “There have been a lot of accidents on the road over the year and there has been some fatalities, reducing the speed limit to 30mph should help to greatly reduce the amount of accidents – but only if people pay attention to it.

“Hopefully by raising awareness of the new limit people will drive accordingly.”

At the meeting, residents discussed the option of having a speed warning sign put up on the road.

One resident, who did not want to be named, said: “There’s a school on one side of the road so it’s terrible that people wouldn’t automatically slow down there with all those little kids.”

Stephen Pickering, deputy executive director of city services, said: “The speed limit on the whole of Premier Road was changed to 30mph in October 2009 in response to local people’s concerns about the inappropriateness of the 40mph speed limit in a residential area and the associated poor accident record.

“It was changed only after a period of public consultation to consider the views of pedestrian and motorists alike, local people were strongly in favour of the reduced speed limit.

“In a residential area, motorists should always assume that the speed limit is 30mph unless a higher or lower speed is signposted.

“The Department for Transport rules on traffic signing preclude, in a situation such as on Premier Road, putting up 30mph signs or repeater signs unless one was needed on a stretch of road with a lower or higher speed limit to avoid confusion.

“The speed limit changes also applied to Essen Way and parts of Silksworth Lane.

“We would hope that motorists would observe the legal speed limit along the entire stretch of Premier Road.”