LittleBigPlanet 2: Extras Edition: PS3: Action: £19.99

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SACKBOY wowed the gaming world for the second time back at the start of 2011, looking for your help in making the best game ever.

It was a pretty impressive game objective, and it continues to deliver as you can pretty much build any kind of game you like – racing, puzzle, RPG – it’s up to you. You can even film your own cut scenes. While the single-player campaign acts as a fab tutorial to all the tools at your disposal and showcases the brilliant graphics, it’s when you start crafting your own control schemes, storylines and game genres that you’ll really understand just how user-friendly and fun this game is.

There’s a huge community of like-minded would-be game developers happy to lend a hand with their own creations.

The Extras Edition also throws in PS Vita cross-controller functionality for some special gaming action and control scheme options, plus six costume packs ensure you’ll never be short of an option or two for your incredible gaming inventions.

A brilliant workout for your creative gaming brain.