Limbo: iPad/iPhone: Action: £2.99

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A boy in search of his sister. That is all you’re told.

And so begins a dark, intriguing and challenging 2D platform puzzler.

The old adage of less being more has never been more directly demonstrated in a game that relies only on a black and white colour palette, minimal audio and no spoken or written dialogue.

It’s sparse, but sensationally so.

Progressing your young protagonist through the four to five hours of incredibly-atmospheric gameplay will present a serious challenge to even the most seasoned of adult puzzle gamers, but don’t let that put you off.

Puzzles are there to be thought about, played around with and then overcome with whoops of success and warm feelings of gaming satisfaction.

Limbo has all this in spades, with excellent pacing and increasing difficulty as you move into more industrialised environments and the harsher puzzle mechanisms you have to master.

It’s art, it’s entertainment, but above all else, it’s a brilliant game.