Letter of the week: Sunderland parking permit costs are 'daylight robbery'

I am writing in regard the new parking permits in the Barnes area near the hospital.

Tuesday, 26th December 2017, 3:11 pm
Updated Tuesday, 26th December 2017, 3:20 pm
Our writer is angry at the cost of amending parking permits in Sunderland.

I have purchased a new car that I will be picking up on a Wednesday.

I was aware that each household was entitled to one free pass for one car, and I would assume that this would mean I could change my car.

No, I have been informed that Sunderland City Council will charge me £10 to change the car.

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I am selling my old car privately and it will not be gone by the time I have picked up my new car at which point I am informed that I will have to apply for a second permit at the cost of £20.

So the council will be charging me £10 to change a permit and then £20 to cover the old car – so a grand total of £30 to park outside of my house for an hour during the permit hours.

I have lived in the area for years and had no option over the enforced permit scheme.

I believe this is nothing short of daylight robbery and people should be made aware of this.

By contrast, my brother, who is in a permit area in Newcastle, simply transferred his parking permit from his old car to the new one, as Newcastle City Council assign the permit to the resident rather than a specific car.

Upon complaining to the council I have been told that is the cost, end of story.

Lauren Archer