Letter of the week: Closing Sunderland's public toilets is not the way to go

So, our beloved council is once again looking at inconveniencing the people of this city (and its visitors) this time by closing toilets around the city centre.

Thursday, 20th December 2018, 3:18 pm
Updated Thursday, 20th December 2018, 3:23 pm
Is shutting public toilets the way to go in Sunderland?

The toilets are provided as a ‘convenience’ for those who need them.

What is it about the word ‘convenience’ that the council doesn’t understand?

Related content: Public toilets could close to save council thousandsSure, the council is short of money but why is it always we citizens who have to feel the pinch?

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It’s cut this, cut that.

Why can’t money be saved by cutting executive pay?

Fred Browne

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