Lauren Laverne reflects on life growing up in Sunderland

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Sunderland-born broadcaster Lauren Laverne has been speaking about her childhood as part of a series on website The Huffington Post UK.

Speaking on 30 Something With Richard Bacon, the former St Anthony’s pupil said: “I think I’m pretty driven.

“My mum and dad were from tough council estates, from two very big families. I think if you have a background like that, it’s really easy to have a direction because your direction is just up.”

Lauren, whose mum is Sunderland Council cabinet member Cecilia Gofton, added: “Dad was in a band as well, so I grew up in a house where there was music on all the time. Dad supported Jimi Hendrix at a gig.

“I wasn’t very good at being a teenager. I didn’t really get the hang of anything until I was about 30.”