LATEST NEWS: Metros back running after fault caused travel headache

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A POINTS failure left Metro passengers facing a travel nightmare.

Trains between Pelaw and Sunderland were suspended shortly before midday as engineers repaired the fault.

Services continued between South Hylton and the city centre, while Go North East accepted valid Metro tickets on their X3 bus services for passengers left stranded.

The Airport to South Hylton line was reopened around half an hour later but Tyne and Wear Metro took to twitter to warn passengers to expect major delays as services gradually returned to the normal timetable.

A spokesman for Metro said: “We apologise for the disruption. It was caused by a technical problem with a set of points at Pelaw and meant we could not allow any more trains on to the line down to Sunderland until repairs were carried out.

“The fault was fixed within half an hour and trains started moving again.”