LATEST NEWS: Anglo-Saxon Gospel to go on display in Durham

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EUROPE’S oldest book is set to go on display in Durham after a £9million fundraising campaign.

The 7th Century St Cuthbert’s Gospel will go on display at Durham’s Unesco World Heritage Site and the British Library in Durham, with both centre’s sharing the manuscript equally.

The first display in Durham is anticipated to be in July 2013 in Durham University’s Palace Green Library when the Lindisfarne Gospels will also be exhibited on a three-month loan from the British Library.

Professor Chris Higgins, vice chancellor of Durham University, said: “This is a rare gem and an extraordinarily precious piece of heritage for the nation. I am delighted that the fundraising campaign has been so successful.

“Durham University is proud to partner with the British Library and Durham Cathedral in the conservation, display and interpretation of the St Cuthbert Gospel, the oldest and one of the most important of all western manuscripts, and we look forward to it being displayed on our UNESCO World Heritage Site for the public and for scholarly study and interpretation.

“The university and cathedral house some of the most important collections of early books and manuscripts, visited by researchers and scholars from around the world.

“Partnerships such as the one we have with the British Library will enable us to enhance scholarship and the wider appreciation of the important role that Durham and the region have in the development of England’s remarkable written heritage.”

The £9million purchase price for the Gospel was secured following the largest and most successful fundraising campaign in the British Library’s history.

The single largest contribution to the campaign was a £4.5million grant from the National Heritage Memorial Fund (NHMF) together with major gifts from the Art Fund, Garfield Weston Foundation and the Foyle Foundation.

In addition, the campaign received a number of significant donations from charitable trusts, foundations and major individual donors, along with gifts from members of the public.

A manuscript copy of the Gospel of St John, the St Cuthbert Gospel was produced in the North East of England in the late 7th Century and was placed in St Cuthbert’s coffin on Lindisfarne, apparently in 698.

The Gospel was found in the saint’s coffin at Durham Cathedral in 1104. Its original red-leather binding is in excellent condition, and it is the only surviving high-status manuscript from this crucial period in British history to retain its original appearance, both inside and out.

As such, it represents a major addition to the Library’s world-class collections relating to the early history and culture of Britain.

The manuscript has been digitised in full, allowing it to be made freely available online for the first time via the Library’s Digitised Manuscripts webpage: Click here to view it