At last, David Moyes does something Sunderland fans actually like!

Those who thought David Moyes couldn't do anything right have been forced to eat their words.

Wednesday, 24th May 2017, 12:49 pm
Updated Sunday, 4th June 2017, 7:56 pm
Former PNE boss David Moyes resigns as Sunderland manager

By handing in his resignation the beleaguered manager has, at long last, given the fans something to cheer about.

Harsh? Maybe, but there will be few fans shedding a tear at seeing the former Everton and Manchester United boss exit the Stadium of Light.

How he lasted this long has had even some of the loyalist Sunderland supporters scratching their heads in frustration.

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A disastrous season in which the club was relegated a whopping 14 points adrift of safety ... and he was still in a job!

And this at a club in which shedding managers is turning into an annual event.

Maybe that’s what kept him in a job for so long.

So desperate were the powers that be to steady the ship, that they had clearly given Moyes assurances about his future.

Last night, however, the scales fell from Moyes’ eyes.

He’d lost too many games, lost Sunderland their Premiership status, lost the fans and, if recent performances are anything to go by, he’d lost the dressing room.

That he hadn’t lost his job was the biggest surprise of all.

He couldn’t save Sunderland from the drop, but he has at least saved face by resigning.

And he has also saved the club a bit of money.

In resigning his position we are told that he will not be demanding any compensation.

It is a crumb of comfort in a season where the crumbs of comfort on offer would barely bother the salivary glands of an emaciated mayfly.

The question now is not what Moyes can do right, but what Ellis Short can do right.