Landowners given D-day date as new Sunderland bridge presses ahead

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LANDOWNERS have been given their final date for handing over property to make way for the new Wear bridge.

Sunderland City Council has given notice to affected landowners and tenants within the limits of the new bridge’s Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO).

The date for ownership to transfer the land has been set as February 27 2015, and the city council will therefore own the land within the boundary from this date.

Land within the CPO boundary must be in the Council’s ownership ahead of contract award and start on site for the New Wear Crossing. This work is on track for spring 2015.

Sunderland City Council’s Cabinet Secretary Councillor Mel Speding said: “Giving notice that we are setting a final date to complete the Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) process, and transfer the ownership of all land within the site boundary to the council, is a clear statement of intent and a significant step forward towards a new bridge over the River Wear.

“This statutory process will ensure that the city council is able to give the appointed design and build contractor full access to the land required for construction of the New Wear Crossing and approach roads.

“The contractor will need immediate access to the full site once the procurement process is complete and the contract is awarded – which is expected to be in spring 2015.

“Giving affected parties within the CPO boundary notice should come as no surprise to them, as the City Council and its agents have been in consultation and communication with the affected landowners, tenants and businesses throughout, keeping them updated on progress up to this point. The City Council continues to work with all affected parties in an ethical and equitable way.”