Landlord admits gas safety breach after toxic fumes kill tenant

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A LANDLORD of a property in which a man died has admitted breaching gas safety regulations.

Ray Iley, 57, was found dead at Albert Guest House in Shotton Colliery on January 4, 2011, Consett Magistrates’ Court heard. Beside him were the bodies of 20 of his pet budgies.

A post-mortem examination found he died from breathing toxic fumes.

Albert Guest House landlord Kaiser Choudry, 46, of Atkinson Grove, Shotton Colliery, admits failing as a landlord to ensure a boiler and flue in the property were maintained in a safe condition.

He admits a second charge of failing as a landlord to ensure annual safety checks were carried out.

Chris Morrison, for Choudry, said his client denies the faulty flue was directly responsible for Mr Iley’s death.

Magistrates were due to hear expert evidence to decide the extent to which the flue was the cause of death, before deciding what level of sentence Choudry would face.

Gas safety consultant Howard Reed told the hearing the boiler was in the basement of the property and its flue was not carrying away all poisonous fumes, even after some repair work had been carried out.

Mr Reed said he was not aware of any other source of toxic fumes in the building, other than the boiler.