Labour celebrate election triumph as Tories and Lib Dems take a battering + VIDEO and list of results

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LABOUR are celebrating today after gaining eight seats in the Sunderland City Council elections.

The party won 62 per cent of the total vote and gained new councillors in Doxford, St Peter’s, Barnes, Ryhope, Washington East and South, Millfield and St Chad’s wards.

Sunderland City Council Deputy leader James Blackburn, centre, retained his Hetton seat.'Sunderland City Council elections 2012'Silksworth Sports Centre

Sunderland City Council Deputy leader James Blackburn, centre, retained his Hetton seat.'Sunderland City Council elections 2012'Silksworth Sports Centre

In contrast, the Coalition Government was delivered a crushing verdict from voters on Wearside with the Conservatives losing six seats.

The only Lib Dem councillor, Paul Dixon, lost his seat in Millfield.

Labour councillor Paul Watson, leader of Sunderland City Council, said: “It’s been an excellent night for us for a number of reasons. I think it’s a lot to do with the national policies.

“Sunderland have sent a message to Mr Cameron saying that his policies are hurting but they’re not working.

“We want to thank the people of Sunderland for keeping the faith in us.”

Sunderland was once again first in the country to declare.

The number of people voting on Wearside dropped from last year with a turnout of 32.6 per cent, down from 38 per cent in 2011.

The results left Labour with a total of 64 councillors on Sunderland City Council, the Conservatives with eight and the Independents with three.

Reacting to the losses they suffered, Conservative leader Coun Robert Oliver said: “The results are slightly disappointing but we have managed to hold on to seats in Fulwell and St Michael’s.

“We have seen that some very hard-working councillors have found it tough because the Conservatives are in government. I think the national issues have affected the local elections.

“We will regroup and come again in two years’ time and hopefully do better.”

The Green Party got 2.2 per cent of the vote, UKIP got 4.9 per cent and the National Front managed just 0.2 per cent.

After holding their seats in Copt Hill and Houghton, Independent leader Colin Wakefield said: “Obviously we are delighted with the result and would like to thank the electorate in both wards for their continued support.

“The main issues have always been the continuation of the landfill, however there are many other issues we are involved with and we want a fair deal for the people of Houghton and Eppleton.”

Labour councillor John Kelly, who was re-elected in Washington North, said: “It’s been a fantastic night for Labour and we have worked really hard for the voters.

“Washington is now Conservative free and a lot of this is down to the people there helping.

“The national issues have played a big part and we know that the cuts are just the start as people are beginning to really suffer.”

Full results:


Winner: Rebecca Atkinson, Labour, 2,041

Tony Morrisey, Conservatives, 1,486

Gouilnara Dixon, Lib Dems, 150

Turn out: 40.8 per cent


Winner: Denny Wilson, Labour, 1,978

Paula Wilkinson, Conservatives, 215

Paul Hillman, Lib Dems, 104

Turn out: 26.7 per cent

Copt Hill

Winner: Derrick Smith, Independent, 1,679

Ann Owen, Labour, 1,250

Sue Sterling, Lib Dems, 111

Turn out: 33.6 per cent


Winner: Christine Marshall, Labour, 1,863

Richard Steven Vardy, Conservatives, 590

Caroline Leigh Robinson, Green Party, 246

Matt MacDonald, Liberal Democrat, 76

Turn out: 35.1 per cent


Winner: Bob Francis, Conservatives 1,758

Margaret Beck, Labour, 1,657

Geoff Pryke, Lib Dems, 238

Turn out: 40 per cent


Winner: Michael Mordey, Labour, 1,518.

Debbie Lorraine, Conservatives, 360

Pauline Veronica Featonby-Warren, UKIP, 244

Turnout: 25.6 per cent


Winner: James Blackburn, Labour, 1,628

John Defty, UKIP, 1,363

Philip Dowell, Lib Dems, 154

Turnout: 35.1 per cent


Winner: Sheila Patricia Ellis, Independent, 1,697

Gemma Louise Taylor, Labour, 1,496

Louise Smith, Lib Dems, 74

Turn out: 35.8 per cent


Winner: Bob Price, Labour, 1,058

Paul Dixon, Lib Dems, 888

Keith Charles O’Brien, Conservatives, 164

Paul Birleson, National Front, 122

Helmut Izaks, Greens, 94

Turn out: 28.8 per cent


Winner: Amy Wilson, Labour, 1,541

Peter O’Connor, Conservatives, 365

David Campbell, Greens, 304

Sylvia Doward, Lib Dems, 101

Turn out: 30.4 per cent

Redhill Ward

Winner: Ronny Davison, Labour, 1,887

Lynn Marie Kelly, UKIP, 388

Gwennyth Gibson, Conservatives, 125

Turn out: 28 per cent


Winner: Anthony Farr, Labour/Coop, 1,887

Shaun Cudworth, Conservatives, 706

Turn out: 31.9 per cent

St Anne’s

Winner: Susan Watson, Labour, 1,743

Norman Thomas Geoffrey Oliver, Conservatives, 339

Emily Fiona Blyth, Greens, 268

Kathy Walker, Lib Dems, 69

Turn out: 28 per cent

St Chad’s

Winner: Darryl Oliver Dixon, Labour, 1,755

Alan Wright, Conservatives, 1,312

Sue Wilson, Lib Dems, 105

Turn out: 40 per cent

St Michael’s

Winner: Margaret Forbes, Conservatives, 1,649

Chris Johnson, Labour, 1,161

Rachel Sara Featherstone, Greens, 265

Andrew Wood, Lib Dems, 140

Turn out: 35.4 per cent

St Peter’s

Winner: Julia Jackson, Labour, 1,595

Graham Hall, Conservatives, 1,221

Chris Henry, Lib Dems, 224

Turn out: 35.2 per cent


Winner: Debra Waller, Labour, 1,830

Mary Turton, Labour, 1,424

Paul Tweddle, Conservatives, 459

Anthony Usher, Lib Dems, 335

Turn out: 28.8 per cent

Shiney Row

Winner: Anne Hall, Labour, 2,286

Malcolm Simon Vardy, Conservatives, 635

Carol Attewell, Lib Dems, 187

Turn out: 30.8 per cent


Winner: Patricia Smith, Labour, 1,960

Dominic McDonough, Conservatives, 451

Derek Horsley, UKIP. 376

Joella Hannah Lynch, Greens, 128

Turn out: 34.3 per cent


Winner: Rosalind Copeland, Labour, 1,582

Terence William Docherty, Conservatives, 394

Michael Henderson Leadbitter, UKIP, 325

Ann Hollern, Lib Dems, 81

Turn out: 28.6 per cent

Washington Central

Winner: Dianne Snowdon, Labour, 1,999

Erland Max Howard Polden, UKIP, 536

Pat Francis, Conservatives, 327

Chris Ashford, Lib Dems, 179

Turn out: 33.9 per cent

Washington East

Winner: David Snowdown, Labour, 1,721

Hilary Johnson, Conservatives, 735

Linda Hudson, UKIP, 316

Tony Murphy, Greens, 156

Malcolm Bannister, Lib Dems, 119

Turn out: 34.6 per cent

Washington North

Winner: John Kelly, Labour, 2,047

Kathleen Irvine, Conservatives, 349

Kevin Morris, Lib Dems, 160

Turn out: 29 per cent

Washington South

Winner: Louise Farthing, Labour, 1,802

Martin John Talbot, Conservatives, 757

David Griffin, Lib Dems, 209

Turn out: 33.9 per cent

Washington West

Winner: Bernard Scaplehorn, Labour, 2,200

Olwyn Bird, Conservatives, 386

Irene Bannister, Lib Dems, 254

Turn out: 31.5 per cent

Highest turn out across the city was Barnes ward, with 40.8 per cent of people casting a vote, followed by St Chad’s, with 40 per cent.

Lowest was Hendon, with a 25.6 per cent showing, with Castle ward at just 26.7 per cent turnout.

Out of the 25 wards, 17 managed a turnout of 30 per cent or more.

The lowest number of votes across all the wards went to Kathy Walker, standing for the Lib Dems in St Anne’s, who managed to win over just 69 voters.

Highest number of votes cast went to Shiney Row Labour candidate Anne Hall, who racked up 2,286.