Kylie Sing & Dance: Wii: Music

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IN Kylie’s 25-year singing career, we’ve seen an incredible console journey that’s taken us to the brink of a next-next-generation of gaming entertainment.

But just before we hit the new world order in 2013/14, Kylie Sing & Dance gives us all the opportunity to relive the singer’s greatest musical moments with a collection of 26 of her finest tracks, from The Loco-Motion through to Can’t Get You Out of My Head and Get Outta My Way. As the game title suggests, players can sing and bop alongside the pint-sized pop princess, making their way through the career mode to access all music areas including the official videos that span an incredible four different decades.

Of course, fans of the music will love this, but for everyone else it’s your average singalong console karaoke fare.

But there are worse songs you could be listening to and less photogenic pop stars you could be watching.