Knifeman said 'I hope I killed him' over pint after brutal attack behind pub

Steven Robinson
Steven Robinson

A knifeman picked up a pint and said "I hope I've killed him" after trying to murder a pub customer in a shocking attack.

Steven Robinson had been escorted out of the Oaklands bar in Peterlee on July 25 for making offensive sexual comments about women.



The 40-year-old got into an "exchange" with Stephen Fortune, 34, on his way out about the inappropriate drunken behaviour he had displayed.

Newcastle Crown Court heard when the "nuisance" left the bar, Mr Fortune continued the night out with his friends, who included one of the women Robinson had made comments to.

Meanwhile, Robinson went home and collected a kitchen knife then returned to the bar and attacked Mr Fortune from behind without warning.

The frenzied knife assault, which was captured on CCTV and played in court, left Mr Fortune needing life saving blood transfusions and surgery after suffering five stab wounds.

Prosecutor Nick Dry told the court: "He lunged at Stephen Fortune from behind, stabbing him repeatedly in a frenzied attack."

The court heard one of Mr Fortune's friends managed to wrestle the knife from Robinson and put a stop to the horrific violence.

Mr Dry added: "While others rushed to the aid of Mr Fortune, the defendant managed, after an initial struggle, to pick up a pint of lager, which he drank, while commenting on what he had done.

"He said 'I hope i've killed the b******. Put it this way, if I haven't I will come back and do it again'."

The court heard Mr Fortune had knife injuries to his back, chest, arm and neck.

One wound punctured his chest cavity and was life threatening.

Another went right through his arm and another caused injuries to his neck that needed surgery to remove clots.

Some were in close proximity to major blood vessels, which also posed a threat to Mr Fortune's life.

The court heard Mr Fortune has made a good physical recovery but still faces further tests and has been left scarred.

He said the ordeal has left him constantly "looking over his shoulder".

Robinson, of Elliott Road, Peterlee, who was three times the drink-drive limit when he launched the attack, admitted attempted murder.

Judge Paul Sloan QC sentenced him to 15 years behind bars, with a life-long ban on contacting his victim or going back to the pub.

Judge Sloan told him: "You collected a kitchen knife and headed straight back to the pub, clearly intent on attacking Mr Fortune with the weapon.

"You approached rapidly from outside, approaching from behind and you lunged at him and stabbed him repeatedly with the knife in a vicious attack before you were eventually restrained.

"The most significant aggravating feature is the fact you went their deliberately, armed yourself with a knife and then returned to the pub with that knife, intent on using it as a weapon.

"It is clear you are now, in the sober light of day, genuinely remorseful for your offending."

The court heard Robinson has "very little recollection" of what he did that night.