Kids to get crossing over busy main road

Councillors Charlie Walker and Bob Arthur
Councillors Charlie Walker and Bob Arthur
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A NEW crossing is aiming to keep children safe as they travel to and from school.

The number of youngsters crossing Princess Road in Seaham has increased since Parkside Infants, Camden Square Infants and Princess Road Juniors merged to form Trinity Primary.

Now efforts are being made to install a puffin crossing on the street in a bid to keep pupils and other residents safe after calls from campaigners.

County councillors Bob Arthur and Charlie Walker took up the case and have been working with highways chiefs on the scheme, which has been agreed by their fellow members.

The council has said the crossing, which will go in between Elizabeth Street and Ross Street, will also help regulate the speed of traffic along the road, which already has humps to slow down vehicles.

The crossing will cost £38,000, which has been sourced from a number of funds.

Two residents living near to the location for the crossing expressed concern they would no longer be able to park near their homes, but the council found no changes would be made to existing parking spaces.

Coun Arthur said: “There are three schools in one now and there are also a lot of people living in and around Princess Road.

“It’s especially busy around that corner and opposite Newbles and there’s also a bus stop.

“You can see, as cars come along, they can be going at a fair speed, so if they see the crossing there it’s another safety measure.

“Nobody has been hurt, but we don’t want anybody to be hurt and act after the horse as bolted.”

Ray Bushby, the school’s headteacher, said the crossing would help re-enforce the road safety messages it teaches pupils.

He said: “The governors and local councillors have been working together and this has been pushed for a long time.

“Princess Road is quite busy and we do have the benefit of two crossing patrol officers. We try to make sure the children make the use of those resources available.”