Keeping kids amused on the cheap over summer

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A WEARSIDE debt charity is offering tips to survive the school holidays on a budget.

Christians Against Poverty, which has nearby debt centres in Houghton and Sunderland, says many parents find it difficult to keep children amused through the long break without over-spending.

Now it wants to remind families of the free or low-cost activities that can be enjoyed instead of putting family finances at risk.

Houghton Centre manager Jemma McDougall said: “When the weather is good, the options are more obvious but when it’s wet, you have to be more inventive and it helps to have some good ideas to hand.”

Many local councils have activities on offer for children in parks, libraries and sports centres while most museums are free and may have special Summer events on offer.

Jemma added: “I want to say to parents, be smart about the Summer holidays. Do your research now and make a plan. Decide how much you can afford each week and create a ‘treats fund’ - however small - and talk about it with your children.

“Involve them in how you will spend it – they will appreciate what happens so much more and it’s a great lesson for them.”

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