Keep possessions safe at One Direction gig

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POLICE are reminding One Directions fans heading to next week’s Stadium of Light concert to take care of their property at the gig.

The boyband kick off their tour in Sunderland on Wednesday night, with and more than 50,000 people expected to attend the concert.

With such a large number of people attending the event it could attract opportunist thieves and pickpockets and police are urging concertgoers to avoid becoming victims of crime by protecting their valuables.

Officers say that thieves take advantage of large crowds and situations where people are in close proximity to each other so people need to keep their wits about them and always be alert to crime prevention.

People should keep phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, wallets and any other valuables safe.

If they have zip pockets then keep them in there or keep them close to you at all times.

Anyone taking bags to the concert should make sure they are zipped up or secure and that you have sight of them at all times.

Sunderland chief superintendent Kay Blyth said: “The Stadium of Light will be really busy on Wednesday night with large crowds of people all looking forward to a great night.

“People will be using cameras and mobile phones to take pictures throughout the event and it’s really important that they do everything they can to protect them.

“The last thing anyone wants is to have taken pictures, or videos, only to find that they have had their phone stolen and the pictures be lost forever.

“Although you are there to enjoy yourself just bear in mind that there may be people there who are looking to take advantage of the event and try to steal phones, bags and wallets and purses. Use common sense, dont advertise your property to thieves and look after your valuables.”

On the night of the concert there will be uniformed officers and club security officials inside and outside of the ground.

There will also be a number of undercover officers in the crowd on the look out for thieves.