Katie Bulmer-Cooke: Why I'm stepping away from the '˜Facebook pub'

This week I went to see my favourite comedian, Kevin Bridges, and he was as side-splittingly funny as ever.

Monday, 3rd September 2018, 11:00 am
Updated Monday, 3rd September 2018, 11:18 am
How often do you use social media?

His jokes always resonate with me because we are the same age and he talks a lot about trends and things that happened while growing up in the nineties.

He did an awesome section of pure laugh-out-loud-comedy around social media, the use of Facebook and how life now compares to life without it.

While I was howling with laughter, it really made me think about social media, mobile phones and the internet, and how those things have changed how we behave.

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I personally have a lot to thank platforms like Facebook for.

It changed my business tremendously and offers so much opportunity, but over the last year I’ve started to find it all a bit on the fake side.

Naturally people only post the best bits of their life … the happy bits that lead others to believe that everything in life is totally brilliant and that you never have a rubbish day.

If you’re having a bad day, which we all do from time to time, having a scroll through the Facebook newsfeed is never a good idea, as it always looks like everyone else is having an amazing one, especially those with ‘perfect life syndrome’.

On the flip side, I’ve seen it used for attention and ridiculous things like ‘checking in’ at the walk-in centre or hospital, yet giving no detail about why the visit is being made, leaving said Facebook user’s friends to leave a flurry of comments of concern, only to be replied to with ‘I’ll inbox you hun’.

For me, there are just some things that aren’t for the public domain, and if you have a genuine need to share such information, just drop someone a text or give them a call … the public displays just aren’t necessary.

Kevin Bridges drew the analogy of Facebook and a pub, posing the question that if there were a pub filled with all of your Facebook friends, would you go in?

A few years a ago I’d have been in there like a shot, but given the way things have changed on the platform now, I think I’d be dodging the Facebook pub and heading to a little restaurant with my closest real life friends and family.

I originally started using social media to share good quality fitness info and advice that would help other people.

So I’ve decided to stick to that plan, and last week I deleted my personal account, and have just kept my blue tick page where I can share stuff to help people with their fitness goals.

I honestly feel better for it and I’m definitely more productive!

I totally appreciate that everyone uses social media for different reasons, and each to their own, I just don’t fancy hanging out in the Facebook pub anymore, but if it’s your thing and you love it, then have a G&T and enjoy!