Katie Bulmer-Cooke: Thanks for your help with the Sunderland Sleep Out

I have to start this week's column by saying a great big thank you to everyone involved in Centrepoint's Sunderland Sleep Out at the Stadium of Light last Thursday, from those who organised to event and took part, to those who very kindly sponsored me.

Monday, 6th November 2017, 12:01 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 2:10 am
Centrepoint sleep out at the Stadium of Light.

The event raised over £21,000, which will be pumped directly back into our city, helping young homeless people to get back on their feet, find a place they can call home and create a brighter future through training and job opportunities.

It was a truly great event, with a range of activities, local live music acts and a fantastic atmosphere.

Centrepoint sleep out at the Stadium of Light. Vicky Pattison and Katie Bulmer-Cooke.

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I has very privileged to be asked to read the bedtime story, which was written by the very talented Amy Appleton, who is Senior Fundraising Officer at Centrepoint.

The story she wrote was so creative and funny, I really wanted to share it right here in my column, so here it is, The Modern North East Fairy Tale!

In a land only a stone’s throw away,

There lived a beautiful Mackem princess,

Centrepoint sleep out at the Stadium of Light. Vicky Pattison and Katie Bulmer-Cooke.

With a palatial home and the latest iPhone,

She still felt upset and stressed.

You see the princess wanted a fella,

Which was proving harder than you’d think,

She swept left and right on Tinder,

But she couldn’t find her Prince.

She didn’t know what was wrong,

Her eyebrows and tan were always on-fleek,

Her photos filtered and retouched - hasthtag desperate much?

How was her dating game so weak?

Then one night out in Durham,

The trendiest place to be ‘seen’ (apparently)

She came across a total hottie,

And found herself rather keen.

They hit it off straight away,

Their conversation was not at all tricky,

He invited her back for a cuppa,

But they were both just after the... bickie!

The next day they started snap chatting,

But both soon realised they were doomed,

The Mackem princess was from Sunderland,

But the Prince came from the Toon.

A magpie and a black cat could never work,

Their royal parents would surely defy it,

But it was true love, they couldn’t give up,

So they just kept dating in quiet.

But I’m sure you’ve already guessed,

A royal secret is sure to fail,

A few weeks later, they were all over the papers,

And on the cover of the Daily Mail.

The Prince and Princess were devastated,

They knew their fate as star-crossed lovers,

Whilst news gets old and boring,

They now had to face their mothers!

The Geordie king and queen were outraged,

The princess came from south of the Tyne,

But the young couple eventually reassured them,

They could use the Metro line.

The princess’ mam and dad were quite surprised,

So they Facebook stalked him so thorough,

He wasn’t quite Prince Charming,

But at least he wasn’t from Boro!

So they got a flat in Gateshead,

And both moved all their stuff-in,

The moral being if a Geordie and Mackem can live happily ever after,

Then anything can happen!