KATIE BULMER-COOKE: Hoping for lots of summer sun

We've got sunshine and school is out for summer, meaning I've totally got that holiday feeling.

Monday, 25th July 2016, 12:30 pm
Roker sea front

I think I was more excited than Heidi when she broke up from school last week for the holidays. We’ve got loads of exciting day trips planned, but I’m also thrilled that we have six weeks ahead where I won’t be tied to the 9am and 3pm school run and we can just go out and enjoy the day without clock watching.

I don’t think I could write about the school holidays without giving a big shout out to all the teachers who are also enjoying their six week summer break.

Heidi has come on so much at school this year as all of the children across the city will have too, and it’s thanks to all the lovely teachers who work so hard.

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Teaching has evolved a lot over the years and I know from friends and clients that it can be very stressful due to volume of work and targets. So to all the teachers, put your feet up, chill out and have a top summer.

So with six weeks of memory making and entertaining ahead, being the organised geek that I am, I’ve made a chart of the fun activities and days out we are going to have around the city.

In mine and Heidi’s top three favourites are firstly, hanging out at Roker Sea Front. It’s brilliant down there, with the Pirate Park and all the new places to eat. I’ve got my eye on trying out The Chicken Shed as I’ve heard lots of good things about it.

Also on the summer hit list is a major favourite of ours, Katie’s Garden. If your kids love making crafts (and a mess), but like me you’re not the most creative person yourself and the thought of paint and glue splashing around your living room fills you with dread, then you’ve got to pay this brilliant venue a visit.

One of our other favourite hang outs for the holidays is the running track at the Ski Slope in Silksworth. We’ve spent loads of time there lately and it’s been the perfect place for Heidi to learn to ride her bike.

Now for those who like to exercise, but won’t have the childcare over the holidays to make it to the gym, the track is the place to be. You get to run around the track and maybe throw in a few squats, press ups and planks and the kids get to play and be active so everyone is a winner, and the best part is it’s free!

It’s more than fair to say there are stacks of cool family things to do in our city, many of which are extremely good value or even free.

We’ve got gorgeous beaches, a buzzing city centre and loads of lovely parks (Herrington Country Park and BackHouse Park being two of my favorites). So let’s keep our fingers and toes crossed that we get lots of amazing weather and that SUNderland lives up to it’s name this summer.

If you’ve got a great summer day out to share then get the word out on Twitter and tweet me @KatieBulmer1.