Katie Bulmer-Cooke: A year on from 'you're fired'

Katie Bulmer-Cooke.
Katie Bulmer-Cooke.
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This week brought back some major memories for me. It was exactly this time last year, in week ten of the competition, that I was fired by Lord Sugar, after producing a rather expensive trifle!

Why oh why couldn't they have asked me to make healthy snacks rather than blooming trifle!

I think both teams had good concepts they just missed the key elements to truly crack the health food market. I really felt for Charlene working in the kitchen on her own. It's such a highly pressured situation with no-one to bounce off and a mountain of graft to do.

Detail is everything in this market, from cooking methods to health benefits, and the retailers wanted the to know EXACTLY what the products had to offer...they were clueless in this field and as a result, in an Apprentice first, neither team got any orders!

I'm still a huge fan of Vana, she's been a steady contributor with a lot of common sense and her only real slip up on this task was adding too much olive oil, which could easily be rectified in production. For me, the blame in her team's failing came from Richard's lack of detail on the packaging and Brett's bad bad bad pitching.

It was time to say goodbye to Brett this week, but he leaves with his head held high after a noble performance.

The business lessons to take away from this task are:

1. Put yourself in the shoes of the customer, give them detail and make it easy for them to understand

2. Sell the benefits not the features...let the customer know what the product will do for them

3. When you're trying to get people on board with your product or service, you need to have enthusiasm and passion for it!

As we look ahead to the interview stage next week my prediction is a Richard vs Vana final!

Have a great week, and as always tweet me your views @KatieBulmer1.

Katie x