Kate Middleton’s Houghton cousins get ready for Royal Wedding

Alan Clark is Kate's first cousin once removed and Kailie is her first cousin twice removed.
Alan Clark is Kate's first cousin once removed and Kailie is her first cousin twice removed.
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“I KNOW how Kate feels.”

Kate Middleton’s second cousin today said he sympathises with the future Queen after he and his family have found themselves thrust into the international spotlight.

Royal Wedding fever has swept the globe and John and Valerie Harrison, of Meadow Close, Houghton, have been caught up in the frenzy surrounding the bride-to-be and her fiance Prince William ahead of the big day on April 29.

John, 63, said: “After all the TV companies and media we’ve had calling us here I kind of know what it’s like and I’m pleased I’m not in her shoes.

“She has a very busy life ahead of her and I feel sorry for her really.

“They’re a smashing couple and when you see them on TV they seem very natural and down-to-earth, but she’s got such a busy life ahead of her with all of her tours and being told what to do.”

John said since it was revealed that Kate’s great-grandfather Tom Harrison, who was born in Hetton, was also his uncle – as reported in the Echo – he has had TV companies from across the globe landing on his doorstep.

On Monday, one of the shows the family is starring in is screened on Channel 4.

Meet the Middletons takes a peek into the lives of some of Kate’s relatives, including John and his wife Valerie, 61, as it explores the life Kate could have had had it not been for a few twists and turns along the way.

“The film crew came and spent two days filming with us,” said John, a retired transport fitter.

“We went to Beamish because there’s some actual Hetton buildings there and a street where my father lived with his brothers and sisters.

“The programme covers both sides of the family, the Harrisons and the Temples. It’s a big family so it will be an interesting show.”

Tom is looking forward to his second cousin twice removed becoming royalty.

“It’s nice to think she is going to be Queen eventually,” he said. “It’s exciting. One of my cousins Jean has actually been invited to Westminster for the wedding, which is amazing.”

Tom said the Royal Wedding has also given the family an easy tool to trace long-lost relatives, with a big family reunion planned for June which Kate’s mum Carole is expected to attend.

Tom and Valerie have not been invited to the wedding but will be watching it on TV followed by a party to mark the occasion at a relative’s house.

Meet the Middletons can be seen on Channel 4 on Monday at 9pm.