Kamikaze rabbit plays chicken with racing greyhounds + VIDEO

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A BRAVE rabbit has become an internet hit after playing chicken at the dogs.

 Last Wednesday night’s 8.28 greyhound race at Sunderland had to be voided after the daredevil bunny hared across the track.

 While most of the dogs carried on chasing the fake hare racing around the outside of the circuit, number five dog Crosswired got his wires crossed and set off after the real thing.

 Simon Fozzard, of Sunderland Greyhound Stadium, said: “We have racing here three times a week and we’ve never had anything like it before.

 “It’s been on Sky Sports News and we’re sure it’ll end up as a ‘what happened next?’ on A Question of Sport.”

 Now, owners of the track, William Hill have opened a book on what animal will next interrupt a sporting event.

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