Joy as bone marrow donor found for cancer-hit boy

TRANSPLANT ... Karly Morris with son Bailey Cooper who is having a bone transplant at the end of May.
TRANSPLANT ... Karly Morris with son Bailey Cooper who is having a bone transplant at the end of May.
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A DONOR has been found to save little Bailey Cooper’s life.

The four-year-old is fighting leukaemia for the second time after his family were told the illness he battled as a baby had returned.

Bailey and his family were also told that a lifesaving bone marrow transplant would be needed and a desperate search for a matching donor was launched.

Now, mum Karly Morris, 22, has been given the news she was waiting for – that a donor has been found.

She said: “The consultant from the hospital phoned to say they had a positive match and when they did I felt so relieved.

“It’s definitely a great step forward and the worry of not getting a donor has now gone.”

Bailey, from Shiney Row, will undergo the complicated operation at the end of the month and will then be in isolation for up to 12 weeks as he is monitored.

Karly said: “Now I’m just concerned about how the procedure will go.

“There are some risks, such as the pancreatitis could come back and he could have trouble with his liver.

“He will have to go into isolation for up to 12 weeks after it’s done so I will be there with him every day and I will sleep there as well.”

Bailey was first diagnosed with leukaemia when he was just nine months old. Since then, he has had to batle through chemotherapy, severe allergies and meningitis as he fought to beat off the illness.

The family had thought they could finally move on with their lives when the youngster was given the all clear at the age of two.

But the Echo reported this March how the disease has returned, in a much more aggressive form, and specialists at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle said the only hope was a matching bone marrow donor.

Karly said: “I was absolutely devastated. I thought we had managed to get over it.”

Now the family are praying the transplant provides Bailey with the opportunity of a normal life.

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